With a trendy tassel

Stylish Keyring

Adding a luxurious accessory to items such as a fashionable bag can make a fashion item more personal and give it just ‘that’ finishing touch. Miko designed this Stylish Keyring collection with this thought in mind. This cool and trendy keyring is the latest fashionable trend in bags, keyrings, etc.

Stylish Keyring Design

Stylish Keyring

The Stylish Keyring collection comprises 48 key chains, 24 with initials, 24 with texts and the best-selling titles are included twice in the display. Each keyring has a cool tassel with an initial, a heart or disc carrying a compliment text in a fresh and cool design. The key chains come in white, yellow or pink. The tassels are made of imitation leather and have a size of 17 x 5 cm (6.7” x 2”) with the circle and heart-shaped variants and approx. 17 x 6.5 cm (6.7” x 2.6”) for the initials.

The Stylish Keyring comes without packaging. Each one hangs from its large ring in the display

Stylish Keyring Display

Stylish Keyring

The Stylish Keyring is presented in a 15 cm x 15 cm (5.9” x 5.9”) display with our standard, 13-cm (5.12”) euro lock hooks.
Miko China delivers displays complete with a header card and re-order cards, to ensure the most efficient possible handling in your warehouse.

The shipment will be delivered to you as a complete deal. An assorted packed collection with a complete display. 1 box with a complete assorted collection + 2 boxes for the display and for ease of handling in your warehouse.

All collections are initially launched in the Netherlands. Following the launch phase, collections are evaluated and only successful collections are introduced onto the international market.The pre-test phase aims to examine each collection and its degree of success in order to reduce risks for our international partners.

Miko has created its international version of the Stylish Keyring (Tassel) with a 13-digit barcode. It is also possible to have the international version translated into your national language.

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