Stainless steel utensil gift

Heart Spoon

Drinking tea or coffee: it is a moment of peace. A small moment to enjoy. Alone or together with a loved one. Drinking tea from a nice teaglass or coffee from a lovely mug: it is even better with a unique tea- or coffee spoon. Also the best deserts and the nicest ice cream gets an extra personal touch with this spoon!

The creative team of your gift supplier designed a brand new and original gift line to make those moments even more precious: the Heart Spoons.

We created for you a beautiful, luxurious spoon with a heart-shaped blade and a sweet personal compliment. A unique, sparkling collection made of high quality, tasteless stainless steel. A durable spoon and therefore so much nicer to use than plastic stirrers or plastic spoons. Truly ‘a spoon full of love’.

Contact us for all details on this original giftline.

Unique giftline for every occassion

Heart Spoon

This Heart Spoon from your gift supplier is also a very nice impulse gift that our customers can buy (and sell!) in combination with other items. For example with tea glasses and mugs. But also with chocolate, tea or even real coffee beans. Every combination can easily lead to higher sales. For both you and your customers.

An overview of some of the product details:
- Complete collection holds 24 different complimentary spoons
- Heart-shaped blade with lasered text
- Luxurious gift line
- Made from high quality stainless steel 304
- Attached to firm giftcard

Some technical details:
- Size of the spoon: 3,2 x 13,1 x 0,2 cm (1.3” x 5.2” x 0.08”)
- Size of the giftcard: 4 x 17,5 cm (1.6” x 6.9”)
- Dishwasher proof
- Food proof tests available at your request
- Possible in your own language

Contact our sales department for details and possibilities for your country.

Compact shoppresentation

Heart Spoon

For the presentation of this coffee spoon and tea spoon collection we’ve decided to use a compact, revolving counter display. This display offers the possibility to present a large amount of luxurious impuls gifts on a very small retail space. Space that we know is expensive. The integrated re-ordersystem makes it even easier for your clients to place re-orders.

An overview of the details from this display:
- Size display: 29 x 29 x 47 cm (11.4” x 11.4” x 18.5”)
- 168 gift items in one display
- Header and re-ordersystem already printed on the display

For you as a reseller:
- Products and display available in your own language
- The shipment will be delivered to you as a complete deal
- Shipments from our port in Xiamen

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As a wholesaler you are always looking for the best possible partner. A partner that knows how the business works and who thinks with you. We from Miko, the gift supplier with a Chinese gift factory are the best partner in gift. With over 40 years of experience in wholesale, impulse gift and gift development, we understand your needs. And we are willing to share our knowledge, so we can both profit.

We are your partner in personalized products, original home accessories and unique kitchen accessories. All developed in our creative headquarters in The Netherlands, produced in our Chinese factory in Quanzhou. When you go in business with us, you immediately profit from:
– Our experience in impulse gift market
– Dutch sales records
– Best price and low MOQ
– Gift lines in your own language and own company logo
– The expertise of our design department

To be short: just join the Miko-family and let’s start working on a long lasting partnership. Together we make the world a little bit more beautiful.

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