With detachable snout

Piggy bank

Saving banks or Piggy banks have always been a very successful part of the Miko collection. Following our past successes we now developed a brand new (and yet oh so familiar) piggy bank collection with the very suitable name ‘Piggy Bank’. The cutest piggy bank to give and to receive.

Piggy bank Design

Piggy bank

The Miko designers used the small, sweet piggy bank as text carrier for 31 of our most successful texts, 6 of our best-selling ages and 24 initials. Of course all texts are complimentary and personal. We choose to give all pigs the same colour pink body and dark-pink nose, to keep the look-and-feel of the display clean and serene, so the texts will do the work. The most surprising of this Piggy Bank is his nose. This is the lit of the piggy bank; it is easily removable to get the money out. The size of the pig is 7,2 x 10 x 8cm (2.8 x 4 x 3.2”).

The Piggy Banks are not put in any gift-packing to keep the texts on the piggy clear.

The Piggy Bank Display

Piggy bank

The Piggy Saving Banks are presented in our standard Wall Gondola the 186 x 57 x 48cm (73.2 x 22.4 x 18.9”) metal display, in our standard 5-slot tray, that we use for many other programs.

The shipment will arrive in your warehouse as an assorted packing. The display will arrive in 3 boxes including the Header card. And the assorted piggy banks will arrive in 6 boxes with all re-order cards. Total 9 boxes that you can ship direct to your shops, to ensure the most efficient handling in your warehouse.
All programmes are initially launched in the Netherlands. Following the launch phase, programmes are evaluated and only successful programmes are introduced onto the international market. The pre-test phase aims to examine each programme and its degree of success in order to reduce risks for our international partners.

Miko has created its international version of the Piggy Banks with a 13 digit barcode. It is also possible to have the international version translated into your national language.

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