Daily use cheese gift

Cheese Lover

Lots of people worldwide are real cheese lovers. They enjoy the rich taste of the many different types of cheese. From delicious soft cheese, young cheese, goat cheese to blue mold, brie or old cheese: cheese is eaten with taste and preferably shared with loved ones. Whether or not combined with a delicious glass of good wine.

The cheese lovers from Miko, your leading gift supplier has developed a great gift concept for this deliciousness. A gift collection with cheese knives and cheese boards. All with personal compliments and suitable for all sales channels. Worldwide.

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Unique ‘cheesy’ gift line

Cheese Lover

You are of course looking for new and original gift lines. You want to offer your clients the best impulse gifts possible. The impulse gift lines we offer you, are well tested in The Netherlands and this means we can offer you real sales results and sales experience. The Cheese Lover collection is a success in our test market and we are ready to share this success with you!

A small overview of some of the product details:
- Complete collection holds 24 sets of cheese knives and 8 cheese boards
- The cheese knives are attached to firm backcard
- Great gift for man and woman
- Available in your own language
- All items safe to use. Test reports are available

Overview of some technical details:
- Size sets of cheese knives: 8 x 16 cm (3.1” x 6.3”)
- Size cheese board: 17 x 25,5 cm (6.7” x 10”)
- The knives are made from rubberwood and stainless steel
- Board is made from 100% bamboo

Gift supplier with shop presentation

Cheese Lover

You want to offer your clients the best shop presentation. We know and understand that. As an experienced gift supplier we want to share our knowledge with you. Each gift concept we design with the best possible shop presentation. This way we know that, what we offer you, works in the shops.

For this gift collection we decided to use our luxurious wooden turning display. Of course it is always possible to discuss other options of presentation.

An overview of the shop presentation for this impulse gift line:
- Available in luxurious wooden turning display
- Size display: 200 cm height (78.7")
- Floor area of 48 x 48 cm (18.9 x 18.9")
- 156 Impulse gift items in one complete display
- Including headercard and easy reorder system

Advantage for you and your shopkeepers:
- Reorder system allows shopkeepers to reorder more easy
- 80% more reorders than sales from the shelf
- The shipment will be delivered to you as a complete deal
- Shipments from our port in Xiamen
- Contact our sales department for further details

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Not yet a customer? Become a customer!

You know your market and your customers best. That’s why you are always looking for an impulse gift supplier that thinks with you. Not a gift factory who thinks for you. We are the best gift partner for you. We are a gift supplier with worldwide experience. Not only as a successful and trustworthy gift factory, but also as an impulse gift wholesaler. We know what you are going through.

We develop, design and produce all our unique gift lines ourselves. In our headoffice in Nieuwegein, Holland, we source and design everything. In China we have our own Chinese warehouse, factory and international sales department. This makes us a really unique gift supplier in the world. You can view our giftlines on our booth during Canton Fair in both April and October.

You are more than welcome to the Miko family. A small overview of the benefits of working with Miko, your impulse gift supplier:
– You will profit from our experience in the impulse gift market, including Dutch sales records
– You profit from the skills of our great designers
– We give you the best prices and low MOQ when possible
– All gift lines possible in your own language with your own company logo
– You profit from our legal expertise
To be short: you just profit from being a part of the Miko-family. We are in it for the long run. We believe in a long lasting relationship. Contact our sales department for information. Let’s see how we can work together.