Stylish Design - no text gift

Stylish Design

Discover our exclusive 'Stylish Design' collection now, a beautiful addition to our gift range.

Hand-knotted keychains in various colors combined with stylishly colored ladies' bags: a truly stylish collection. And, new to Miko, a collection without text, so suitable for every thinkable market.

Ready for an original update to your gift range?

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Cake Candle greeting card

Cake Candle Greeting Card

It's only a party when the mailman has arrived and when there's cake! This brand-new greeting card collection from your festive gift wholesale is a delight to sell!

The gift collection features cake candles with a whopping 47 different ages and general texts. They are the candles to decorate the cake with. Cake candles for every festive occasion, and they are perfect for sending.

Are you ready for a display full of celebration?

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Spatula cookie cutter brand new April 2024

Spatula & Cookie Cutter

This delicious gift collection is ready to dazzle you and your customers.

A mixed display with bright and colorful silicone spatulas and lovely heart-shaped cookie cutters: a combination made in heaven! The most colorful kitchen gifts now available at your gift supplier.

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Canton Fair phase 2

We want to invite you to our booth at Canton Fair Phase 2 April 23rd till 27th 2024.

Booth number: Hall 18.2 J35-36 & K13-14.

Please note that the Gift & Premium area has changed this year to Area D, Halls 17, 18, 19, and 20.

We hope to see you soon and share our passion for original and personal gifts with you. If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Canton Fair phase 2

We want to invite you to our booth at Canton Fair Phase 2 October 23-27th 2023.

Booth number: Hall 18.2 J35-36 & K13-14.

Please note that the Gift & Premium area has changed this year to Area D, Halls 17, 18, 19, and 20.

We hope to see you soon and share our passion for original and personal gifts with you. If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Mirror Candle Holder

A sparkling new gift collection from Miko awaits you!

The shiny copper interior of this glass candle holder naturally provides a warm glow, with or without a candle. Suitable for tea lights and small pillar candles.

Are you ready for this brand-new bestseller?

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Ceramic Magnet

In all every shape, color or form: magnets sell!

This collection holds a wide range of small gifts for a small price. A guarantee for sales. We want to introduce to you our Ceramic Magnet Collection.

An original giftline that really sticks.

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Wine Collection

Original gift collection full of presents for the true bon vivant. 3 Gift series in 1 display.

A corkscrew/opener, wine stopper, and an original snack board in the shape of a wine bottle, all together in one exquisite collection.

As all our giftcollections is this wine collection also available in your own language.

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keyring, key chain, keychain

Sparkling Angel Keyring

"You are an angel" is a beautiful compliment. And with this sparkling keychain, it becomes an even more special compliment.

Be honest: are you ready for a massive dose of sparkling glitter and glamour in your store? A gift collection that will fly off your shelves? Then order this brand-new keychain collection.

Exclusively available at Miko, your gift wholesaler.

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Lucky Token

When misfortune lurks around the corner, happiness is found everywhere else! And that happiness... we have packed it for you in a fantastic collection.

This gift collection, filled with Lucky Tokens, is the latest addition to our range of lucky items. A porcelain lucky coin suitable for any occasion, complete with additional accessories for easy upselling.

Will this display soon be on the countertops of your customers as well?

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Miko has been affiliated with Sedex since 2020, which stands for the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange. Sedex is an international organization that assists companies in improving working conditions within their supply chains.

Everyone working in the supply chain must have a safe workplace, earn enough to support themselves and their families, and work in a sustainable manner to minimize environmental impact for future generations.

To achieve this vision, Sedex collaborates closely with various organizations to provide the most reliable and efficient information, services, and tools to enable responsible business practices.

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Magic Candle

Never miss an opportunity to bring some magic into the world!

This gift concept with candles and candleholder will surely bring magic into the shops of your retailers. Light the candle and wait for the magic to happen.

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Ceramic Coaster

This rock-solid gift line is a must-have for your customers. A useful and decorative gift line suitable for every occasion and suitable for every store. Full of personal compliments and beautiful designs.

Are you ready to wow your customers?

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Heart Spoon

A unique, sparkling collection full of beautiful, luxurious spoons. Made of high quality, tasteless stainless steel. A durable heart-shaped tea- and coffee spoon. All possible in your own language.

Ready to give your clients a ‘a spoon full of love’?

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Cheese Lover

The gift item from your gift factory to surprise the real cheese lover.

A gift concept with 3 usable gift items. A cheese slicer for the most beautiful slices, a set of cheese knives for both hard and soft cheeses and of course an original bamboo cheese board to present all the delicious cheese.

The Cheese Lover collection is one to die for!

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Straight from

the Heart

A gift collection full of heartwarming compliments. Suitable for every sales channel, all throughout the year.

Gifts straight from the heart. Keychains and decorations combined into one gift line. Personalized and beautiful.

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Holiday Event mugs



gift items

For each holiday season we offer you our best gift lines in special editions. Valentine's Day gifts, Mother's Day gifts, Father's Day gifts, personal gifts for teachers and of course the best Christmas gifts. All available in your own language.

Are you ready to buy your holiday seasonal gifts for 2023?

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Oven Glove kitchen accessory

Oven Glove

Another big selling gift collection from Miko: the Oven Glove or Oven Mitt.

The best impulse gift you can give that very passionate hobby chef or enthusiastic home baker. Suitable for the whole family! A gift to really show off with in the kitchen.

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Soap Dispenser

A luxurious daily use home accessory with a hip and trendy design.

Suitable for any bathroom, kitchen or toilet. A real asset to every interior and to be given at any occasion, all year round.

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Water Bottle

Water Bottle

In today’s society, sustainability and health are one of the most important things for people. Also the way of giving presents reflects this.

Miko has designed a great gift collection to contribute this: the Water Bottle collection.

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The Legend impulse gift collection

The Legend Collection

A cool men's collection for the rough and tough no-nonsense man. A unique display concept with three different gift series in one display.

Suitable for every occasion, for every store and every industry.

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BBQ Spatula collection

Miko has developed a collection especially for these strong outdoor-loving BBQ men and women.

A personal gift for real BBQ fans – the BBQ Spatula.

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Cheerful Kitchen set

All around the world, cooking is more popular than ever! Cooking at home for and with friends and family is the new 'night out'.

That's why we introduce the Cheerful Kitchen set collection!

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Tea Time Collection

Miko has developed a gift concept especially designed for one of the most widely consumed hot drinks in the world – Tea glasses.

This collection holds tea infusers and high quality tea glasses.

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Friendship Bracelet

Miko has designed the new friendship bracelet collection, made with gemstones and wooden beads.

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