Magnet - Aimant - Magnet - Imán

Successful giftline

Ceramic Magnet

A magnet is an incredibly successful product. You have made that clear to us! Upon many requests, your gift supplier has therefore developed this colorful gift collection. A complete gift collection full of ceramic gift magnets for every festive occasion.

This gift magnet is a small impulse gift that is easily purchased by many of your customers. It's also a particularly good gift that can lead to additional sales. Let your retailers sell this small gift together with, for example, your magnetic board or other top items!

Contact our sales department for all information on this successful gift line.

Magnet - Aimant - Magnet - Imán

Magnet with compliments

Ceramic Magnet

You listen to your retailers, and we listen to you. So the Miko design team made you a trendy magnets gift collection with personal compliments. All the top selling texts like Mother, Father and Sister are present in this collection. But you can add, change and translate the gift line all you want. Together we make a gift line that is suitable for your country, your market and your retailers.

Here's a brief overview of the magnet's features
- Available in 56 different texts, so suitable for every festive occasion
- Made of strong ceramic
- Can also be hung using the hole at the top with a string or ribbon
- Magnet size: 7.5 x 7.5 x 0.8 cm / 3” x 3” x 0.3”
- Also suitable for outdoor use

Interesting for you as a reseller
- Available in your own language
- Miko design team is standing by to arrange the artwork for you
- Available with your own business logo

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Shoppresentation magnet

Unique shoppresentation

Ceramic Magnet

As we are a reseller ourselves, we know the importance of shop presentation. It is not only used for good presentation, but it also helps the continuation of reorders. Sales from the display are up to 80% higher than sales from the shelf. So, order the displays and start benefiting today!

For this collection we use our wooden turning display:
- Available in luxurious wooden turning display
- Size display: 200 cm height (78.7")
- Floor area of 48 x 48 cm (18.9 x 18.9")
- 366 Impulse gift items in one complete display
- Including headercard and easy reorder system.

This display is also used for our Luxurious Wine Collection, our Sparkling Angel Keyring or our Wooden Heart Decoration and keyring collection Straight from the Heart. The same display, just a different filling. This makes the display easy to reuse for your retailers, so better for the environment!

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As a reseller you are searching for the best possible deals. But at the same time also the most original and unique deals for your retailers. If you start doing business with Miko, a well-known player in the world wide gift industry, you are sure to get the best deals:

  • Low MOQ
  • Exclusivity for gift lines in your country
  • Texts in your own language (which sell always better than the general English ones)

And of course always: the best price.

Our sales team is ready to talk business with you. If you are not sure which gift collection will fit your business or which giftlines are available in your country: just contact us and we discuss what will fit you best. That’s also what we do: see what works best for YOU.

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