Serve up your snack

Bamboo Serving Board

It’s not difficult to find an opportunity to have a drink and some nice snacks on the side, whether you’re at home, at work or attending a party.
This brand new Miko collection - the Bamboo Serving Board - is the perfect item for these special occasions. It not only serves up your snacks, but with its complementary and playful texts, it ensures service with a smile.
Also available in special Christmas tree shape to enlarge your sales during the Christmas season.


Bamboo Serving Board

• Complete gift concept holds 20 different designs
• Suitable for every occasion
• Texts are lasered in bamboo
• Size of the serving board: 26,5 x 14 x 1 cm (10.4 x 5.5 x 0.3")
• Made of 100% bamboo, so strong, hygienic and environmentally friendly
• Incl. authentic rope
• Also usable as cutting board
• 100% product of nature, so each items may differ in color from shown images.
• Low MOQ
• Test reports are available at your request
• Available in your own language


Bamboo Serving Board

• Available in a durable metal turning display
• Size display: 172 cm height (67.7")
• Floor area of 48 x 48 cm (18.9 x 18.9")
• 140 Products in one complete display
• Including headercard and easy reorder system
• Reorder system allows shopkeepers to reorder more easy
• Display has proven better store life than single presented products
• The shipment will be delivered to you as a complete deal
• Shipments from our port in Xiamen
• Contact our sales department for further details

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Christmas Serving Board

Seasonal Gifts

Bamboo Serving Board

Miko always tries to get the most out of our bestselling collections. The successful Bamboo Serving Board is ideally suited to make it into a special Christmas-edition.
For this upcoming Christmas we’ve cut the Serving Board into a Christmas-tree and combined it with some lovely complimentary Christmas texts. These items are also available in your own language or you can use your own quotes. Contact our sales department about the possibilities, prices, etc. of this small Bamboo Serving Board Christmas Collection.

Note that the product shown is just a small selection from the entire Serving Board Christmas collection.

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Miko Gift Idea is your international partner in impulse gift, festival-themed gifts, novelty gifts and personal gifts. As a gift supplier with our own gift factory in Quanzhou, China we would like to share our experience and knowledge to make this gift collection also a success in your country.

Apart from this attractive and very successful Bamboo Serving Board gift concept we also have mugs, greeting cards keyrings and many more impulse gifts in our assortment. Miko is your partner in exclusive, innovative impulse gifts. Not only as your all-round impulse gift supplier, but also your mug wholesale supplier, your candle wholesale supplier, greeting card wholesale supplier. All impulse gifts available in your own language and with low MOQ. Contact our sales department and let’s discuss the possibilities for your country.