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Holiday season gift items

Throughout the year, various special holidays take place all over the world. Special days that generate a great sales peak with your customers.

On Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day people are always looking for a personal gift to give to their loved ones. Also at the end of the schoolyear the Graduation gits and Teacher gifts are real bestsellers in stores all over the world. But for most countries the biggest holiday of the year is of course Christmas. And the best gifts to buy are personal and original Christmas gifts.

For all these special holidays you can find a suitable gift line at Miko, your partner in gift Miko. We offer you special editions of our best products especially for these special holidays.

Mother's Day Gift line

Mugs as holiday gift

Holiday season gift items

As a leading gift supplier who is already more than 45 years in the gift industry, we can honestly say that mugs are our best holiday gift. For many years we sell our mugs all over the world.

To keep on being original and unique our Dutch creative team re-designs the mugs regularly. They give the mugs a new look-and-feel, new designed giftboxes and newly designed counterboxes. But of course the mugs still come with the same good quality, same low MOQ and with the same service as you are used of us.

As an all-round holiday gift supplier we offer you Valentine’s Day gifts, Mother’s Day gifts and Father’s Day gifts. Also we can offer you Graduation gifts, Teacher gifts and the most original Christmas gifts. All gifts with personal texts and sweet compliments. Small personalized gift lines straight from your trusted gift factory in China..

Teacher Mug gift line

Holiday impulse gift lines

Holiday season gift items

Each item you find at Miko, your gift supplier from China, holds a personal text. This is what makes Miko your best partner in gift. We offer you not only the products, but our dedicated salesteam also offer you all the advise you need.

With our experience with the gift sales in Holland and Belgium, we know from first hand how retail works. And we are more than willing to share that knowledge with our clients.

We sell all our gift concepts in displays, that are available in a very extensive range of shapes and sizes. Our experience shows that sales from a display are up to 80% better.

For our holiday season impulse gift lines or, as we call it ‘event series’, we sell the concepts in smaller, compact counter boxes. This still means we can offer you a small diversity in texts for those precious holiday seasons.

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Bestselling gift lines

Holiday season gift items

From our bestselling gift lines we make small holiday gift collections. Special editions with special texts suitable for the Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Christmas event. All designs are of course available in your own language.

For example we have used our successful tea glass collection to make a Teacher gift. Our Cheers wine glass collection is also available in a counterbox with Mother’s Day gifts, Father’s Day gifts, Teacher and original, personal Christmas gifts.
Our Cheerful Kitchenset, the original bamboo kitchenset, we turned into a truly happy Christmas gift for the best cooks in the world.

Together with the Dutch creative team, we can make you the best holiday gifts. Just contact our sales team and let’s go!

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How is Miko, the gift supplier gift factory from China, different from other gift suppliers? We stand out in the market because we first test all our gift collections extensively in the Dutch and Belgian markets. This allows us to provide our customers with the best possible gift lines.

Together with our Dutch design team we create innovative and creative new gift concepts. Each gift concept is initially launched and tested in at least 100 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium in their native language Dutch. Following the 3 to 6 months test phase, the reorders and sales totals are analyzed and evaluated. When a gift concept is successfully reordered, we create an even better English collection. With all this background information, we can reduce the investment risk for our international partners.

So, how are we different? Our Dutch design combined with our Chinese price and proven European experience makes us the different but ideal partner in gift.

Interested in what we might be able to do for you? Just contact our sales team and let’s discuss the opportunities.