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Let’s Party

Age Balloon

What better way to add something to the party-joy then to send a loved one a greeting card ánd balloons! Greeting cards and balloons are both bestsellers in many different branches all around the world. In this Age Balloon Greeting card gift collection Miko combined these two bestsellers in 1 display concept.
A guarantee for worldwide success!

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Age Balloon

• Colorful greeting card with foil number-balloon
• Complete display concept consists of 56 different text designs
• Card, including envelope, made of paper
• Balloons are high glossy silver foil
• Incl. straw for easily inflating balloon
• Size of card: 11.5 x 17 cm (4.53" x 6.69")
• Size of each balloon (when inflated): approx. 30 cm (11.8")
• Gift collection holds ages from 1 till 95!
• Inside each greeting card are silver foil balloons as shown
at the front of the card
• Both balloons and straw are successfully tested, so safe to use.
All test reports are available
• Balloons not suitable for use of helium
• Balloons are not suitable for small children
• Available in your own language

Age Balloon Display Miko


Age Balloon

• Available in a durable metal turning display with 56 slots
• Size display: 164 cm (64.6")
• Floor area of 48 x 48 cm (18.9 x 18.9")
• 280 Products in one complete display
• Including headercard and easy reorder system
• Reorder system allows shopkeepers to reorder more easy
• Sales from a display are up to 80% better!
• The shipment will be delivered to you as a complete deal
• Shipments from our port in Xiamen
• Contact our sales department for further details

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Miko Gift Idea is your international partner in impulse gift, novelty gifts and personal gifts. With experience in all sales branches in many countries we are confident we can also help you establish successful sales in your country. Wherever your customers retail: we have a gift concept that fits.

The Age Balloon Greeting card collection is a gift concept that fits a wide variety of sales channels. If you are looking for impulse gifts for Gift stores, Online stores, Bookstores, Garden centers or Convenience stores: this gift concept is a perfect match.

Another advantage of going into business with Miko: you can also buy impulse gifts with low MOQ. Miko is also unique in this – using various modern techniques allows us to produce many of our products in runs starting from as few as 300 pieces per design. This depends on the chosen gift collection of course.

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