Greeting card with cake candle

Unique greeting card gift

Cake Candle Greeting Card

No matter how young or old someone becomes: a birthday cake and birthday card go hand in hand. And let's be honest... a candle on the cake is always fun!

As an entrepreneur, you know better than anyone: greeting cards or gift cards are top sellers. In every store. Throughout the entire year. And a greeting card is even more successful when it has an extra festive touch.

The creative minds of your gift wholesale have therefore combined the two best party items into one display. A festive greeting card combined with a real cake candle. Basically, it's just a sendable party. Allow us to introduce you to our Festive Cake Candle Greeting cards.

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Original impulse gift

Cake Candle Greeting Card

You want to offer your customers original, innovative birthday gifts. That's why our team is on the lookout for the most delightful gift ideas every day. They come up with the most unique gifts for you and your customers—cheerful party items that your customers won't hesitate to purchase.

This cake decoration in a greeting card is sure to be a big hit among your customers. A greeting card with something extra... as your wholesale distributor of greeting cards and party items, we know that's a golden combination.

Some features of this cake candle collection:
• Complete collection of gift greeting cards with 55 titles
• 47 Different ages and 8 general titles
• Cake candles with texts such as Mom, Dad, and Graduated

Technical information:
• Cake decoration packaged in a greeting card
• Greeting card size: 11 x 17 cm (4.3”x6.7”) with a
• Total weight of Cake Candle Card: 35 grams

Especially interesting for you as reseller:
• Each greeting card can be in your own language
• Impulse gift is available with your own company logo
• No need for own design: the Miko design team is ready to help.

Like all products from your greeting card supplier, these Festive Cake Candles comply with current EU laws and regulations. The candles are safe to use.

Greeting Card shopdisplay

Greeting card in luxurious display

Cake Candle Greeting Card

With gift items for a wide range of birthdays, as well as special gifts for Mother, original gifts for Father, etc., this festive cake candle is an all-encompassing gift concept, just as you're accustomed to from your international impulse gift supplier.

Especially for this birthday greeting card collection, we have developed a new metal rotating display. A gift carousel with a luxurious wooden display base. With this display, you can make the most of your store space and keeps the store neat and organized.

Practical details about this used display:
• Available in a luxurious wooden rotating display
• Display size: 200 x 48 x 48 cm (78.7 x 18.9 x 18.9")
• 244 Greeting cards in 1 display incl. header and reordersystem

Extra advantage of this gift display for you and your gift-retailers:
• Up to 80% more reorders than sales from the shelf
• The shipment of gifts will be delivered to you as a complete deal
• Shipments from our port in Xiamen

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You prefer doing business with a gift supplier who is a jack of all trades. You want to be able to buy all your gift items in one place. Gift items in your own language and with your own logo—a supplier who helps you make your gift items truly unique. You are looking for an experienced partner who not only delivers the best gift items at the best possible price but also a supplier who provides peace of mind. A gift supplier who collaborates with you and understands your needs. We at Miko are that partner.

Partner with us and benefit from all our accumulated knowledge and experience. Take advantage of our years of international experience as a gift supplier and at the same time, benefit from our years of experience as a wholesaler in the Dutch and Flemish markets. Our international representatives visit Dutch retailers themselves, so they know how the market and stores work like no one else. Therefore, they can provide you with the best business advice available.

Our representatives are supported by our strong Chinese sales team. Each one of them is an experienced professional for whom no sales question is too difficult. The Dutch design team is ready to adapt the design to best fit your needs: your own language, your specific expressions, etc. Everything is possible. And thanks to our low minimum order quantity (or MOQ), it is also very accessible.

Contact us and start translating our greeting card collection with your greeting card wholesaler. Would you prefer to see the products in person? Visit our booth at the Canton Fair in April and/or October! Will we see you there?

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