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Enjoy Mug

Another classic, but always a best seller in the gift world, is a mug. A mug is of course the best way to combine a positive message and compliments with daily use Mug. Miko created a brand new, natural looking, truly original mug collection and gave it the inspiring name ‘Enjoy Mug’.It’s time to Enjoy life!

Great designs

Enjoy Mug

The Miko designers created a new mug series, which contains four different, bright coloured designs. The title, with the biggest compliment, is printed on the front of the mug.The other compliments are printed on the inside of the mug. You will find all of our 36 best-selling titles such as “I love you” and “Dearest Mother” and many others in this Enjoy Mug collection. The Enjoy Mug is 9 cm (3.5”) high and has a diameter of 8.8 cm (3.5”).

All Enjoy Mugs are packed in a half-open gift box, so you can read the inside text. And a personal message from the designer on the back. The gift boxes are 13 x 9 x 9.5 cm (5.1” x 3.5” x 3.7”).

Enjoy Mug Display

Enjoy Mug

The Enjoy Mug is presented in our standard Wall Gondola that is 186 x 57 x 48cm. (73.2" x 22.4" x 18.9”) with11 of our standard 4-slot trays. Miko China delivers the display including header card and re-order cards and instruction sheet for the shops.

All programmes are initially launched in the Netherlands. Following the launch phase, programmes are evaluated and only successful programmes are introduced onto the international market.The pre-test phase aims to examine each programme and its degree of success in order to reduce risks for our international partners.

Miko has created its international version ofthe Enjoy Mugwith a 13 digit barcode. It is also possible to have the international version translated into your national language. One of our designers will send you the international version, which you can then arrange to have translated into your national language. Once we receive the translation, our designer will create your artwork within three weeks.

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