Arts in Stone

Arts in Stone

Arts in Stone is an artistic and stylish collection made from polystone. The collection includes beautiful inspirational words that focus on a love for life.

Arts in Stone contains 45 different items in 13 different 3D designs. The Arts in Stone collection is also part of the Miko Classic Collections. The tiles are hand-painted to give the collection a personal and unique look. Arts in Stone is packaged in half open luxury cardboard packaging, and can be put down or hung up. The product is 16 cm (6.2 inches) high and 9 cm (3.5 inches) wide.

It is also possible to order the collection without the display. However, our experience shows that product sales are best as part of the whole concept, so our advice is to use the tried and tested marketing methods.

Miko has developed an international version of the Crystal Angel & Bear with a 13-digit barcode. We can also translate the collection into your native language so that the collection best fits your country. Of course, you can also use your own wording.

All the artwork is copyright of Miko Products.

If you would like to learn more about the collection, please send us a request via the contact form. Of course you are also welcome to visit our showroom by appointment in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands, or Quanzhou in China. You can also visit our stand at the bi-annual Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou, China, where we introduce our latest collections.