Sweet as a Bear

Sweet as a Bear

Plush has always been a good selling item, but in the big world of plush it always was hard to give the right Miko-touch to it. But now it is finally there: The Plush Idea with the perfect Miko-touch! We want to introduce to you our Plush Bear in Gift box collection; a bear that sells itself.

Design: The Sweet as a Bear-collection is much more than ‘just a plush bear in a box’. The Miko designers created a complete experience: a loving concept with our best-selling texts.The sweet bear in the warm, soft and sweet look-and-feel makes this successful collection suitable for almost any shop.The team created 5 different colours designs and used 32 different titles which vary from ‘Sweetest Mom” to “a Hug for you”. All bears are the same; the difference is all in the box.The size of the sitting bear is 15 cm high (5.9”). The box is half open so the bear can peek over the edge in a way that says to the customer: “please take me home.”

Packaging: All Sweet as a Bears is put in a half-open box with the warm, personal text on the outside. The boxes are 13 x 9 x 9 cm (5.1x3.5x3.5”).

Display: The Bears are presented in our standard wall gondola a 186 x 57 x 48cm (73.2 x 22.4 x 18.9”) display with our standard 5-slot trays.

Pre - Packed Collections: Miko China delivers displays including header card and all re-order cards. The shipment will arrive as an assorted packing: knocked down display in 3 boxes, assorted packing bears in 2 boxes, to ensure the most efficient handling in your warehouse.

Pre-Test: All programmes are initially launched in the Netherlands. Following the launch phase, programmes are evaluated and only successful programmes are introduced onto the international market.The pre-test phase aims to examine each programme and its degree of success in order to reduce risks for our international partners.

Translation: Miko has created its international version of the Sweet as a Bear with a 13 digit barcode. It is also possible to have the international version translated into your national language. One of our designers will send you the international version, which you can then arrange to have translated into your national language. Once we receive the translation, our designer will create your artwork within three weeks.