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Age Balloon

Greeting cards and balloons are birthday symbols. Twelve years ago, we had already created the still very successful Happy Age Greeting Cards. That is the greeting card with a metal (speed limit) button with your age. This card has been in our Top 7 best seller list for 11 years now. This time, Miko has created another perfect combination. The Age Balloons collection; a greeting-card combined with a number-shaped silver balloon!


Age Balloon

The Miko designers created 56 different greeting cards in four different festive colours. The numbers are visible on the front of each greeting-card. Of course, there are also Happy Birthday wishes for the receiver on the front of the card. The card, including an envelope, is made of paper, the balloon is in high glossy silver foil. A straw, for easily inflating the balloon is also included in the packing. On the back of the card, the recipient will find a clear instruction of how to inflate the balloons.

The size of the card is: 11.5 x 17 cm (4.53” x 6.69”) The size of each balloon (inflated) is approximately 30 cm (11.8”)


Age Balloon

The Age Balloons are presented in our regular standard greeting card display with 56 slots. The display has a diameter of 48 cm (18.9”) and a height of 164 cm (64.6”). Of course, the display also includes re-order cards to assist shopkeepers to re-order easily.

The shipment will arrive as an assorted packing. - Boxes with the assorted packing - Boxes with the display

Miko China also delivers the display including header card and re-order cards, to ensure the most efficient handling in your warehouse.

All programmes are initially launched in the Netherlands. Following the launch phase, programmes are evaluated and only successful programmes are introduced onto the international market. The pre-test phase aims to examine each programme and its degree of success in order to reduce risks for our international partners.

Miko has created its international version of the Age Balloons with a 13 digit barcode. It is also possible to have the international version translated into your national language.

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