About Miko

Miko China Ltd. has been producing a wide collection of gift items for over 22 years. Miko Holland develops ten new gift collections in-house every year. The collections are tested on the Dutch and Belgian markets. It is only once a collection has seen good results and all the teething problems are sorted out, that Miko China Ltd. will offer the collection to our international network.

From the factory in Quanzhou China, all collections are directly sent to 50 countries and in 17 different languages. We provide all our international customers with the opportunity to offer the collections in their native language.

Our products set themselves apart in the market by their European design, personal sentiments and high quality. In addition, the price level of the products makes them perfect impulse buys and they sell just as well outside of the gift industry. Miko has experience, among other things, of garden centres, souvenir shop, newsagents, book shops and department stores.

The collections are supplied with matching presentation tools such as displays, counter boxes and luxurious cabinets. The re-order system that we use facilitates the re-ordering of products for you and simplifies the ordering process.

But we don't just stop there. On the basis of European sales results, we can also provide advice on sales and marketing. This allows you to market products effectively and generate sales.

Miko Product provides you not only with unique gifts, but a fully tested business concept.

Miko China LTD