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Thank you for visiting Canton Fair

Thank you for visiting our booth during Canton Fair in April. Hope to see you again in October! Our boothnumber is: Hall 18.2 J35-36 & K13-14. See you there!


Cake Candle

Greeting card

This brand-new collection from your festive gift wholesale is a delight to sell! The collection features cake candles with texts. They are the candles to decorate the cake with and they are perfect for sending.

Are you ready for a display full of celebration?

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Cake Candle greeting card


Stylish Design

Discover our exclusive 'Stylish Design' collection now, a beautiful addition to our gift range. Hand-knotted keychains in various colors combined with stylishly colored ladies' bags: a truly stylish collection. Also an update to your gift range?

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Stylish Design - no text gift

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